aip trifle

Nothing says celebration quite like a trifle! And when it comes to the Fourth of July, a trifle with strawberries, blueberries, and cream is the perfect dessert.

aip trifle

muffins (recipe here) cut up into large chunks

fresh washed and cut berries (can use frozen).

cream (see below)

Simply layer ingredients into a large bowl to build your trifle.


cream options

  1.  2 cans coconut cream, 1 tsp vanilla, drizzle of maple syrup. Whip until smooth.
  2. Raw soaked cashews (about 3 cups), 1 tsp vanilla, maple syrup to taste. Purée all together. If too thick, add water 1 Tbsp at a time to thin.
  3. 2 frozen bananas + 1 tsp vanilla puréed until smooth. If using frozen banana, eat immediately after assembling trifle.



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