Grovia ONE cloth diaper review

The Grovia ONE diaper is an all in one diaper with snap in inserts. Two cotton inserts (which are topped with fleece) snap together and then snap into the back of the diaper.

This diaper is in my top 5 favorite diapers of all time. I have purchased several of these diapers and they are so versatile and very, very absorbant. Let’s jump in!


1. The rise is a bit on the smaller side. While it does fit my 12 month old (31 inches and 23 pounds) well, it does have a lower rise. I will have to wait to see if it fits till potty training since he is very very tall (100th percentile). In all other ways, it fits great!

2. A bit bulky. This is nit picky because I don’t mind a thicker more absorbent diaper. You can go with only one of the two inserts to make it more trim.

3. If utilizing the attachable velcro, I find that the grip of the velcro is so intense that it actually unsnaps the velcro strips instead of releasing the grip. It’s very hard to get the velcro pieces apart. I only use diapers with snaps so it is possible that with repeat use the velcro would become easier to work with.


1. Incredibly absorbent. One of the very few diapers that can last us all night. We’ve never had a leak or any wicking issues.

2. Very well constructed. Thick sturdy material that is so very soft.

3. Snaps are very high quality.

4. No issues with the elastic. Elastic casing is very soft and leaves no red marks (even for very chunky babies).

Rating System:

Hours: 12+

Leaks/Wicking: A+

Fit: A

Elastic: A+

Snaps: A+

Velcro: B-

Final Score: A


Final thoughts:

The Grovia ONE diaper is a family favorite. Bullet proof and soft! I do wish they had more options for prints and had a higher rise. I never ever have to worry about leaks with this diaper. I also love that there is a strip of soft PUL on the top edge inside the diaper. This keeps the diaper from wicking onto shirts or pants that rest against the top seam. Two snappable inserts allow for customization.





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