After school family fun+power ball and smoothie recipe!

This post is sponsored by Vitamix and all opinions and recipes are my own.

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to bring us all together, it’s food. Especially after school when the boys are “starving” and needing to wind down. I’m pretty sure our family’s love language is food!

A favorite after school snack? Power balls and smoothies! Or milk shakes as the boys like to call them. The best part is that they get to help and it’s easy (and easy to clean up!).

Power Balls:

I always use a bit of what I have on hand. Today was almonds, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts (amazing source of protein), and chia seeds. I added them to the Vitamix along with some olive oil and maple syrup and blended until a slightly chunky nut butter formed. It doesn’t take long! Then I added in some oats, cashew butter, and a little coconut flour. Pulse until mixed well. Then just grab a small amount and roll into balls! Don’t hesitate to use what you have on hand (we love to add in dates instead of maple syrup but we were out). It’s really forgiving!

Strawberry “Milk Shake”:

We used a can of coconut milk, water, generous handful of spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, and a splash of maple syrup. We didn’t measure since my boys helped and just threw handfuls in :). They were a huge hit! Another bonus? These smoothies are a great source of vitamins and fat which growing bodies need.

Next, a great movie and some cuddles. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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